Security and Defence

Crisis in the Neighborhood: A new impetus for European defense

17.03.2022. Aron James Miszlivetz

Former Belgian foreign minister Mark Eysens once described the European Union as “an economic giant, a political dwarf and a military worm”. This could not reflect today’s reality better in light of the Russia-Ukraine war in its immediate neighborhood. The EU as a socio-economic and political construct is also more of a crisis-follower/manager than a crisis preventer. There is no better time than now, to seriously talk about strategic autonomy, but what does this mean?

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Mercenaries at the forefront of Russian international relations

08.09.2021. Bálint Pongrácz 

Their pivotal role in the 2014 annexation of Crimea proved the true capabilities of Kremlin-backed mercenaries, but who are these Russian guns for hire, and why are they appearing throughout the African continent and the Middle East? 

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