Csilla Hegedüs


Csilla Hegedüs former Secretary of State for Culture, in 2014 she was Minister of Culture and Deputy Prime Minister for a short time in Romania. She is a deputy executive president for RMDSZ since 2011, and the spokesperson since 2019.

She is leading the renovation of Bánffy Castle in Bonchida and is an organizer of educational and cultural programs. She coordinated more than ten EU-funded programs, working with partners from a large number of EU Member States and Western Balkans.

In 2008, the program led by her won a Europa Nostra Grand Prize for education, training and awareness raising  work at Bánffy Castle in Bonchida. Since 2012, she is a member of the jury for the Brussels-based European Heritage Label, and since March 2020 she has been a researcher at the Budapest European Strategy Research Institute (ESKI).

Since February 2021 she is state secretary in the Ministry of European Investments and Programmes.