Dr. Réka Zsuzsánna Máthé PhD


Réka Zsuzsánna Máthé earned her PhD with highest honors in 2020 at the Doctoral School of Public Administration of the University of Public Administration. While a PhD student, she gained a scholarship allowing her to study at the Charles University in Prague. Concomitantly with her doctoral studies, she completed the master's degree at the College of Europe, graduating with a degree in European Political Science and Public Administration.

Réka completed her higher education in Romanian, German, English and French. She studied communication and German language and literature, later she obtained an MA degree in economics from Michigan State University and Babes-Bolyai University with a focus on management of public institutions.

As a young researcher, she won a national research competition in 2014, having  the professional supervisor the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. As a doctoral candidate she won the scholarship of the New National Excellence Program. She presented at numerous international conferences and has published in several domestic and international journals. She gained her teaching experience at Corvinus University of Budapest and the University of Public Service.

Réka has worked as a researcher at the American Studies Research Institute, and starting 2020 she continues her work at EUSTRAT. Her primary research area focuses on European economic and financial policies, and political economy but her areas of expertise include public diplomacy, European and American identity, social movements, and social capital.

EUSTRAT publications: 

The Logical and Practical Challenges of the EU Mechanism on Democracy

Stability and Growth Pact obligations suspended

Could Pandora’s box be theextremely opened economy? A virus first appeared on a remote continent will cause a global economic crisis


Linking Trust and Civil Society

Education Beyond Boundaries? Case study in a vocational school located in Hungarian dispersed communities

Veselý, Arnošt; Nekola, Martin and Eva M. Hejzlarová (2016)(eds.) Policy Analysis in the Czech Republic. Bristol: Policy Press at the University of Bristol. 352 pp (book review)

Civil-Society Organizations’ Capacity Building in the Local Governmental Sector: Is It Working? (co-author: György Hajnal)